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内容摘要:近年来,我国餐饮业的服务营销这一新型的概念已渐渐灌输到了每一个餐饮经营者的理念中。服务营销以它独特的魅力与功用以及与餐饮业的有机结合,必然会引起餐饮业的一次又一次大的变... 近年来,我国餐饮业的服务营销这一新型的概念已渐渐灌输到了每一个餐饮经...


  近年来,我国餐饮业的“服务营销”这一新型的概念已渐渐灌输到了每一个餐饮经营者的理念中。服务营销以它独特的魅力与功用以及与餐饮业的有机结合 ,必然会引起餐饮业的一次又一次大的变革。而我国新兴的西餐企业也必须根据自身条件和我国市场的环境变化的要求,看清西餐在我国市场上的发展趋势,从而选择适当的营销方法,将提供优质服务摆在餐饮业竞争的首要地位,使它发挥赢得顾客降低成本节省费用最大化满足顾客的需求,这样才有可能在激烈的市场竞争中获得成功,香港最快开奖现在结果,同时也能对我国餐饮业的稳步、快速、协调和健康发展起到积极的意义。故在本论文中对我国西餐业的服务营销进行了深入的讨论,从而得出了相关的结论。


  In recent years, the Chinese restaurant, services marketing of this new concept is getting into the idea of every food and beverage operator. Services marketing in its unique combination of charm and function, as well as restaurants, is bound to create restaurant changes again and again. And in China emerging of Western enterprise also must under itself conditions and in China market of environment changes of requirements, see Western in in China market Shang of development trend, to select appropriate of marketing method, will provides service pendulum in restaurant competition of primary status, makes it play won customer reduced cost save costs maximize meet customer of needs, so is may in fierce of market competition in the get success, while also can on in China restaurant of steadily, and fast, and coordination and health development up to active of significance. In the service of papers on the Western food industry marketing for in-depth discussions, to arrive at a conclusion.

  In recent years, the catering services

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